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East & West: Connected For 3,000 Years?

Many of the teachings of Buddha (528 BCE) and Jesus (30 CE) are similar. Did Jesus travel to India when he was a young man? The Bible says nothing about his life between the ages of 12 and 30. On the other hand, how would the son of a poor Jewish carpenter travel 3,000 miles to India, and back? Seems unlikely.

An alternative explanation is more plausible. Perhaps Buddha and Jesus had a common predecessor: King Solomon (950 BCE). At that time Israel was well aware of India. In fact, the Bible states1 that the whole world sought the wisdom of Solomon—400 years before Buddha was born.

In addition, a colony of Jews settled in India about the time of Buddha's birth. Could it be that Buddha grafted Solomon's teachings into Jainism, a protest movement against Hinduism, to create his compelling new religion? This could further explain why Buddhism resonates with many westerners. All this is covered in detail in the 2011 book, Buddha & Jesus: Could Solomon Be the Missing Link?

In the recently released sequel, Wisdom 365: Daily Buddha and Daily Solomon, all of the proverbs of Buddha appear in order as daily readings. For every one of Buddha's proverbs, a similar proverb (or two) of Solomon's is shown side-by-side. A fascinating bridge between East and West emerges.

11 Kings 4:29-34 and 1 Kings 10:23-25.
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