Two Paths to Liberation (Part 4)


To the Buddhist, the inherent nature of life is a state of suffering. The Christian expects much suffering during their lifetime on earth, but they also see life as a series of opportunities to love God and people.

The highest goal of life for the Buddhist is to become enlightened and to cease suffering. For the Christian, the highest goal is to live out a strong love relationship with God and people.

Buddha taught that any desire, even if it is "good", is the cause of suffering. While Jesus taught that many kinds of desires can cause suffering, suffering can be experienced by Christians that is not caused by anything they have or have not done. Suffering can occur when it serves the purposes of God in a Christian's life. For example, suffering can cause character development or somehow bring glory to God.

To the Buddhist, suffering is never a good thing. To the Christian, suffering arising from being persecuted for one's faith can result in eternal rewards.

Topic Buddhism Christianity

Nature of Life Life is suffering Opportunities to love God & people

Highest Goal Eliminate suffering Loving God & people

Cause of suffering Any desire, even if "good" Many possible causes

Is suffering ever good? No Yes, when being persecuted

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